12 Cleaning mistakes you need to avoid

Cleaning can be an arduous task. Few people enjoy doing it. Whether you love it or not, cleanliness is a must if you want to stay comfortable and healthy. You might want to do it painlessly and as quickly as possible.

However, you might be thwarting yourself by making certain cleaning mistakes that you didn’t even realize.  Below are common mistakes you might want to avoid when cleaning your home.

Overfilling the washing machine/Dishwasher

If you overload the washing machine or the dishwasher, it makes it ineffective. It might tempt you to do that may be because you are in a hurry. This makes everything that you were trying to clean not to wash correctly. You may have to rewash everything to make them clean. Instead of doing double tasks, properly pack the washing machine.

Failing to clean your vacuum cleaner/Maintain it

  • Do you take time to check whether your vacuum cleaner is working correctly?
  • When was the last time you cleaned it?

As much as a vacuum cleaner plays a role in cleaning your floor and carpet, it has to be clean too.

When too much dust and debris is trapped in it, it might fail to work effectively. You should, therefore, clean the filter, change the bag and cut any strings that might have attached themselves on the brush.

Combining cleaning materials

Most people make the mistake of putting cleaning materials together after cleaning. Unless the manufacturers have recommended it, you don’t have to do that.

For example, you might combine bathroom products with other detergents that contain chlorine gas and other acids. This is dangerous as it can lead to serious health issues like skin infections. Learn to separate different cleaning materials to avoid future problems.

If you live in an apartment in a colder weather city like Denver, Colorado, that means Winter has come and gone, but is your yard ready for springtime? It’s common for many homeowners to see their outdoors in an unsightly state — fences and flower beds bent, leaves and twigs all over the ground, and plants in dire need of care. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a quick guide to help you learn how to clean up your yard for spring.

Using the wrong equipment

When you use the wrong tool to perform a task that it is not supposed to do, it can have some negative impact. Some tools are too abrasive to perform specific tasks and can scratch your property and cause permanent damage. If you use a hard brush to clean your carpet, it will damage it. If you’re using a steam cleaner to get rid of pet urine can only make thing worse. The same is valid for dog poop, urine and smell too.

Carpets need a soft brush because they are made of fibre. The same applies to clean other areas of your house. You should, therefore, use the right equipment. You can use hard brushes to clean woods, plastic, and other soft metals. You might want to get expert advice if you are not sure of how to handle specific cleaning tools correctly.

However, you might be thwarting yourself by making certain cleaning mistakes that you didn’t even realize. And if you live in a small apartment in a U.S. city like Denver, Colorado where rent prices are skyrocketing; or a 1-bedroom apartment in London, you know you need to make the best use of your space as possible. And this includes keeping your place clean. Below are common mistakes you might want to avoid when cleaning your home.

Not replacing your sink sponge regularly

Did you know that the kitchen sponge can carry a lot of bacteria if not replaced frequently? Your kitchen sponge cleans a lot of dirt that gets trapped inside even if you wash it immediately after use. If you would like to prolong the life of your sink sponge, you can put it in a microwave for one minute after use.

Using chemical cleaners on electronics

When you do any cleaning using detergents and sprays in your house, ensure that you keep any electronics away. You might need to move your speakers and computer away before spraying your desk. While one incident can’t harm your electronics, when you clean using chemicals repeatedly, it will severely damage them. Check our piece on DIY cleaning an instant pot!

On the other hand, if you want to clean your electronics, use a dry clean cloth, an air cleaner or a soft brush. You can read instructions on the respective electronics before washing them.

Kitchen cabinets and countertops should always be cleaned with the recommended cleaners. Never use an abrasive cleanser on these surfaces”, says Linda Fennessy of Kitchen Magic.

Using more detergents than recommended

Whenever you purchase any cleaning detergent, you will see instructions on how to use it. One might suggest on pouring a certain amount of that detergent in water. Whoever, what you want to clean might be too dirty than usual, and you may feel like adding more.

If you do that, you might be asking for problems. It can either affect your skin if it gets in contact with it or causes you problems like asthma. Using more of a product than needed, can take most of your time to clean it off. You can always clean with vinegar.

Failing to follow instructions

Each cleaning product usually comes with instructions on how to use it. Some would recommend that you soak it in water and wait for 20 minutes before using it. Others would say that you should shake it well before use.

There is always a reason why manufacturers recommend that. Have you ever heard some people complain that a particular product doesn’t work, while you found it perfect? The reason might be that they didn’t follow instructions.

Using organic and mild products

You must have read somewhere how to use home-made products to clean your home. Such products include lemon, vinegar or baking soda. While these products might do an excellent cleaning job, they don’t fit in cleaning everything.

For example, lemon and vinegar contain an acid which is likely to damage the appearance of surfaces made of marble, limestone, and onyx. But they work perfectly if you are dealing with ceramic tiles and fibreglass.

Taking too long before dealing with carpet stains

Did you know that the best time to clean a carpet stain is immediately they get stained?

You need to use a towel to soak the spill. Don’t ever rub a carpet spill as the stain might spread. You can then pour bi-carbonate soda on that spill and vacuum-clean it the next day.

Failing to perform a test patch

Do you take time to test a product before using it? It doesn’t take time to do that. It can save you a lot of money if you learn to do this. Failing to test a product before using it can cost you a lot of money. You might use a product and realize that it causes some damage, e.g., bleaching your carpet. Testing saves you time and money.

Failing to declutter your home before cleaning

You might be having a clean house, but full of unnecessary stuff and decluttering your home is often a must. Possessions can be clothes, utensils, tools, detergents or containers. Useless things in your home can take too much space and interfere with your freedom of moving around.

Before cleaning your home, you can get rid of what you don’t need. That will create space and make your home more attractive. If you have too many things to move from your home to a nearby storage unit or another place, you can consider seeking help from a man and van and make the work easier.

You need to clean your house in the right order, e.g., starting from the top as you head downwards. You might also want to dust your home before you vacuum it to prevent dust from flying all over. Avoiding the above mistakes will save your time and help you clean your place quickly.

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