DIY Tips to Clean an Instant Pot


A somewhat revolutionary movement is taking place in kitchens worldwide.

That revolution is the introduction of Instant Pot, a multiuse, programmable, pressure cooker. It has been garnering praise from every corner of the industry for its efficiency as well as harnessing new technological innovations such as Bluetooth controls.

If you are a member of the rapidly increasing group which owns an Instant Pot, you have no doubt benefited from its many positive attributes. One area which causes displeasure in every cooking appliance is cleaning. Here we will outline the best and most effective ways you can set about cleaning your Instant Pot- Having it good as new every time.

DIY Tips

  • Start with the Exterior
    The logical and best place to begin cleaning your Instant Pot is with the exterior. Using a lightly damp cloth, carefully wipe around the stainless steel exterior and button control panel. Ensure of course that your appliance is disconnected and powered off. Use a cloth which is absorbent as possible whilst also gentle enough not to scratch the exterior when removing food residue. A microfiber cloth will be perfect in this case.
    To clean around the upper rim of the pot, a little more elbow grease is required since a lot of food and liquid particles can become trapped here. The simplest solution here is to wrap your cloth around some chopsticks or other thin kitchen utensils. This will ensure a thorough clean of the whole rim.
  • Move to the Inner Pot
    The inner pot itself is dishwasher safe. Before placing it in the dishwasher, however, it is a good idea to rinse it in some warm soapy water. This will enable you to remove any larger food particles and save your dishwasher from becoming clogged.
    If the inner pot itself has become stained over time, white vinegar provides the perfect solution. Apply a light coating from a spray bottle and wipe the stained surface with a dry cloth after allowing the vinegar time to penetrate the stain. Your Instant Pot should be sparkling.
  • Finish With the Lid
    The lid should be your final area of focus. Since it does not often encounter a lot of dirt, it is often cleanable by using a damp cloth. If however, it has been splashed during cooking or been left unwashed for a period and contains some food residue, a rinse in warm soapy water should be more than sufficient.
  • Don’t Forget the Parts
    Whilst disassembling your Instant Pot is certainly not recommended and they should not be placed in the dishwasher, certain parts such as the condensation collector, steam release valve and anti-block shield can be easily removed for periodic deep cleaning. Again, some warm soapy water is an effective tool in this process, while being careful not to damage any of the pieces through over zealous cleaning.

There we have it. Some excellent DIY steps to ensure that your Instant Pot is kept gleamingly clean to adorn your kitchen counter with pride. Now you can not only be the envy of your neighbours by possessing one of the most innovative kitchen products of recent years but also with your helpful advice on how to keep it clean and simple.

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