How to Clean Rust Stains from your Carpets and Tiles


Tile floors are a very popular choice for a lot of people. This is primarily due to the fact that it is sturdy and very low maintenance. You don‘t have to tend to it so much. However. this doesn‘t mean that you can simply neglect your tile floors. Doing so would also lead to damage. Tiles are also prone to various stains which. if left unattended. would also damage the beauty of the tiles. One of these is stubborn rust stains.

Rust stains could come from various things. it would usually be due to the furniture that’s right above the tile. In the bathroom or kitchen tiles. it can also be due to metal fixtures such as the faucet or your kitchen tools (which are best cleaned via vinegar). 

Once stained with rust. it can be very difficult to clean up the tiles with regular cleaning tools. But here are some tips on how to prevent getting stains into tiles and what to do and use when cleaning rust stains off of it:

Avoid contact with rusty metal

In order to prevent rust stains on your tiles. it would help if you try to prevent rusty metal surfaces from getting in contact with the tiles. You may do so by wrapping rust-prone items with plastic before placing them on the tiles.

Check and clean small stains regularly

For bathroom or kitchen fixtures. it would be hard to prevent contact with the tile. 80 you just have to bear with it. Just avoid having heavier rust stains by checking the area once in a while. If there are tiny stains. try to wash it off right away.

No matter how careful you are, there would usually be times when you’d have to deal

with rust stains on your tiles especially for areas of the house which are usually wet. In case that happens. you have a lot of choices as to how you will get rid of the stain.

Below are some examples:

Natural cleaners

You can use lemon to get rid of rust stains. Just squeeze some juice into the stain and let it sit for a while so it can work its magic. However. you have to make sure it doesn’t stay too long for you will also have trouble when the lemon stains the tile. After which you can scrub it off and repeat the same process until the stain is completely removed. Another semi-natural (not really) tip you could still try is cleaning via vodka

Household items

Aside from lemon, there are several other household items which you can use in order to clean up rust from tiles. One of which is kerosene. All you have to do is dab some kerosene on the rust stain using a piece of cloth.

Just follow all these ways to clean rust stain from your carpet flooring then check the article about 7 unpopular hacks cleaning carpets to further improve your skillset and know-how about the most common carpet messes and how to tackle those. 

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