How to keep your home lifts clean?

How to clean your home lift

Home Lifts come in lots of shapes and sizes and are becoming more common in homes across the world as people decide to future-proof and adapt their current home rather than move house.

Making sure your home lift is kept clean and hygienic is as important as every other part of the home and can help your lift to last longer (worth it for 20 minutes a week!).

Ground Control

Time: 2-3 minutes

Frequency: weekly

Equipment: antibacterial spray, cloth

Control panels are one of the most frequently touched parts of the lift – and sticky or dirty fingers are in direct contact every time you use it. Use an antibacterial spray and cloth to wipe the buttons clean, preventing any dirt sticking the buttons down and preventing use. Try to clean around the edges as well as top surfaces when possible. Try eco cleaning via vinegar.

Wash the Windows

Time: 5 minutes

Frequency: fortnightly

Equipment: window cleaner, soft cloth

If your home lift has any glass panels or doors, it’s quite likely there are going to be some fingerprints – or pet paw marks! Give the glass a clean using standard window cleaner and a soft cloth to remove any marks and potentially unhygienic patches. Don’t forget to do inside and out because windows absorb dust and stains.

Step to It

Time: 10 minutes

Frequency: weekly

Equipment: vacuum or mop, disinfectant

In many home lifts (for example, home platform lifts) you stand in the lift to travel, and with all those shoes, wheels and bags going on it the floor it is bound to get grubby. Any build up of dirt like this is unhygienic and can be carried through the house as people enter and leave the lift.

Clean the floor of your home lift based on the material – for a carpeted floor, use a vacuum, and for vinyl or rubber flooring grab the mop and a disinfectant solution.

Usually, stair lifts and seated lifts will be made of plastic or wipe clean surfaces, so will also need a wipe where you sit and place your feet.

Under the Lift

Time: 10-15 minutes

Frequency: monthly

Equipment: vacuum or broom

If your home lift has an area underneath where you stand or sit, and you feel confident in going underneath, grab the vacuum or a broom and give it a quick once-over. Dirt and dust can squeeze between gaps, potentially causing jamming of carefully calibrated parts.

Twice a year, give it a deeper clean with disinfectant and a mop or cloth.

Handles and Handrails

Time: 2 minutes

Frequency: weekly

Equipment: antibacterial spray, cloth

Lots of people aren’t happy about touching handles and railings in public places because of germ transfer and your home lift is no different. Almost every home lift will have a handle, rail or armrest, and every time you touch these germs are transferred.

Use an antibacterial spray and soft cloth to wipe to reduce germs spreading and remove all the sticky fingerprint marks.

Out in Front

Time: 2-3 minutes

Frequency: daily

Equipment: varies

Remember to clear the area in front of your home lift. Whether it’s a platform home lift, a stairlift or a steplift, you will need to get out without tripping or navigating an obstacle course – especially for wheelchair users. Also, dirt outside your home lift will be carried in, and vice versa, so general cleanliness makes a safer and healthier home lift.

Professional Maintenance

Frequency: 2-4 times a year

An annual home lift maintenance package is a great way to extend the lifetime and catch potential issues. Gartec Home servicing packages include cleaning behind places you may not be able to access, making a maintenance package a valuable investment. Make sure you pick a reputable company and check what will be included in your maintenance visits to get the most from your home lift.

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