Pet odors stink. How to clean cat urine smell from carpet?


You might have been familiar with this horrible smell if you’re a feline lover. Not just with carpets, it can be found on mattresses, cushions, and clothes. There are many reasons that explain this. It might be because of the litter and the box, or your cat has a condition. And sometimes, it is just one of the few unlucky occasions when your feline decides to mark its territory throughout the entire house.

Set aside for it, you need to deal with the real problem (a.k.a the smell) first. Take your time and read through our article to find out the best solutions for you.

Why it stinks?

First of all, there is no such thing as the “mystery elements” that cause cat urine to have the intensive old slate smell. In fact, science has proved that it has a lot in common with others. The reason for the horrible scent is that you often only find out when it has taken quite some time.

This has a lot to do with your cat’s habit to mark its territory and hiding its pee. And by that time the bacteria have decomposed the urine making it smell much worse.

So, my advice would be to keep all your clothes and lining safely in the closet. Don’t forget to close it unless you want to experience this all over again. For the carpet, mattress, and cushion, keep them in tightly sealed nylon bags. Place them away so your cat can’t find out. Also, mind your cat litter box to make sure there is enough litter, and remember to clean the clump once a day.

Sometimes, making bypass is also a way for your cat to say that “I’m not feeling well, take me to the vet.” And it also often comes with other symptoms, so make sure you keep an eye on your cat.

How to remove it?

Now, back to the stain, here is how you should do to remove the stain and its smell:

This quick procedure is useful when you don’t have time to perform a “deep clean” of your carpet.

  1. For wet stain – Ideally, you can use a piece of clean cloth to blot up as much of urine as possible. Do it at least a couple of times. You can soak the stain with warm water then redo the process to ensure the result.
  2. For dried stain – Use warm water to soak the area and wait about 15 minutes. Then blot it like with wet ones.
  3. After the blotting, we can move to the enzyme cleaning process. You can check the manufacture instruction to make sure it is the recommended enzyme cleaner for cat urine, or you can try this homemade remedy. Use a 3/4 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to mix with your dish detergent. Add some baking soda then spray the mixture directly onto the stained area. Another option is vinegar.

No matter if you’re using this remedy or the standard enzyme spray. Give it a couple of minutes for it to take effect. After that, clean the area with warm water and blot it out.

If the smell is too much for a simple, quick cleaning to handle, it is time for some serious business.

And by that I mean to put all your carpets, mattresses, cushions, linens, clothes,…into the washing machine. But even if you’re planning to do it in the first place, it is still necessary to perform the “quick cleaning” mentioned above. By doing it before putting your carpet into the washing machine, the enzyme will help break down both the molecules that are causing the smell and stain. Thus, making it much easier for you to get rid of the urine smell entirely.

Make sure you pick a suitable washing machine with large capacity in case you’re going to clean the carpets, mattresses, or cushions. You can go to your local laundry store if necessary. For regular clothes and linens, your old washing machine at home is enough for the job.

Use the right detergent and wash it with warm water using the low setting. Take your time to do something else. And when it is done, you can choose either to use the drying machine or air it, depending on your preferences. Spending a couple of hours bathing your carpet under the sun is recommended since it will help get rid of all the excess moisture and odor.

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