Cleaning Your Carpets The Right Way

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It sounds simple right, cleaning a carpet? Well believe it or not there is a lot more to it. The aesthetic functions of carpets are only visible when the carpet is clean. This means that one must adhere to strict carpet cleaning tips to maintain the beautiful appearance of the carpet. Here are some valuable tips that can guide you in cleaning your carpet.

Vacuum Your Carpets Daily

One of the most important tips that you should learn is vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis. As ubiquitous as it may sound, it is crucial for your health to have your carpet vacuumed often, at best, on a daily basis. Dirt and allergens accumulate 24 hours a day and proper care will help you avoid any soiling being rubbed into the carpet by shoes or feet. Although woollen and silk carpets differ from each other, simple vacuum cleaning works for both.

Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Another important carpet cleaning tip is using a professional carpet cleaner or hiring a carpet cleaning machine that extracts and rises the carpets. Local Cardiff based cleaners Vale Carpet Cleaning have suggested the following reasons on why to hire a professional:

  1. Superior services: a professional carpet cleaner will give you superior cleaning services. When you employ the services of a professional carpet cleaner, you will get a clean carpet at the end of the day. This is because a professional will use effective machinery that will deliver great results.
  2. Efficient: another reason why you need the services of a professional carpet cleaner is that you will enjoy high-level efficiency. This means that you get your carpet cleaned within a very short time. Not only will your carpet be cleaned within a short time but also enjoy superior cleaning services.
  3. Fair price: you will also enjoy a fair price for the cleaning services. This is because you will not have to invest your money in cleaning equipment. The professional carpet cleaning service provider will use his equipment and only charge you a considerable fee for cleaning your carpet.
  4. Guarantee: again, there is the benefit of getting a guarantee of a clean and long-lasting carpet. You can be sure your carpet will maintain its strength after washing it using a professional carpet cleaner.
  5. Recommended by the industry standards: Tacca is the association for carpet cleaners, and carry out quality checks on all members.

These two important tips will make your carpet clean at all times. Therefore, you should keep in mind these two tips for your carpet cleaning services.

How To Deep Clean Your Carpets

If you don’t want to use a professional or facing an end of tenancy cleaning, then you can hire a machine and do it yourself. This is the process you should follow:

Always dry vacuum

One of the best ideas that will make you clean your carpet in a professional manner is using a vacuum cleaner first before you wash it wet. It is always advisable to think ‘dry before wet’. The reason why it is important to first dry clean your carpet is that it helps remove debris found on your carpet. Such debris may cause a blockage to your carpet cleaning machine. Therefore, it is important to first consider using a dry vacuum to give your carpet the best possible result.

Pre-treat the carpet before cleaning

Some carpets have stubborn stains that require pre-treatment before cleaning. It is important for you to identify such stains and treat them in advance to make sure the final cleaning process is smooth. Again, it is important to use a good solution when soaking the carpet as a way of removing the stubborn stains for easy cleaning. 

“If not treated on time, pet stains will always leave an unpleasant odour behind. In order to successfully get rid of stinky odours, you should double the effort.”  says Ronnie Lawson-Jones from

Wash it slowly

Another basic tip that you should consider when cleaning your carpet is washing it slowly. When it comes to carpet cleaning, slow and steady is the right way of getting it done professionally. Using a lower speed is recommended for it helps in pushing water deep into the carpet for effective cleaning. When you wash it hurriedly, the water will not penetrate deep into the carpet to remove all the dirt found deep into the carpet. Therefore, you should start slowly as you gain momentum along the way.

Use overlapping strokes

When cleaning your carpet, you should use overlapping strokes to speed the cleaning process. It also helps achieve a brilliant clean. Another important tip that will help you get the best results is varying the direction when cleaning the carpet. You can also apply a similar technique to render cleaning.

Rinse your carpet after cleaning

Finally, you should rinse your carpet after cleaning it. If you are using a carpet cleaner, it may have a rinse mode. However, if it does not have, just use plain water to rinse the carpet. Use lukewarm water for better results.

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