Five Major Differences between Handmade Silk Carpet and Wool Rug

Dirty carpetHandmade rugs are used for enhancing the beauty of your home. These are available in various sizes and several designs.

But if we are talking about the luxurious and exclusive carpets which give a royal look to a place then there are only two options. First is silk carpet and second is wool carpet. If you are going to buy a handmade carpet for your home but have a doubt regarding money, material or design then I am sure you will get a conclusion over your confusion after reading this article. Find the most five major differences between silk area rug and wool carpet.

You have many options to select handmade area rugs for your home.

Difference between Materials:

Both materials are natural fibres which are used to weave handmade carpets for providing warmth to a place. Pure wool is obtained from sheep hair and the best-known silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry. Producing or finding the silk material is more difficult than finding wool that’s why silk material is more expensive.

Silk yarn is very thin as compared to the wool yarn.

Difference between Textures:

The type of material can widely vary. Handmade silk carpets are woven into two types. First one is silk on silk and second is silk on cotton. In a silk on silk carpet, the warp and weft both are in silk but in a silk on a cotton carpet, warp is in cotton and weft is in silk. So that the silk on silk carpet has a double price range as compared to silk on cotton.

A wool rug is woven in traditional style as well as modern style due to the thickness of wool but you can never use pure silk material for weaving a modern carpet because it is not possible due to the thickness of silk yarn. Weavers can make any traditional pattern which contains any intricate designs and tiny motifs. Silk handmade carpet has smooth and soft texture than a wool area rug.

Difference between designs: 

Handmade silk carpet has an intricate design pattern as compared to a handmade wool area rug. Weavers can make any design like modern, contemporary, traditional etc. in wool material with bold motifs but if we talk about pure traditional and intricate designs which contain approx. 35 colours in a single carpet with tiny motifs, it is only possible in pure silk carpet.

Not to mention that according to the feng shui experts, floor covering is essential to how energy flows in your home.


The durability of carpet depends on the traffic. Handmade silk carpet is ideal for the high traffic area. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it only for high traffic area. You can use it for low traffic area as well. For the silk carpet, it is ideal for the less traffic area because it is expensive and more exclusive carpet than a wool rug. So, both carpets are highly durable if you use them at right place.

Maintenance and Care: 

You can wash both carpets at your home but don’t use a hard brush for the silk carpet otherwise it can lose the beauty of its pile. For the wool area rug, you can use a long smooth hairbrush. You can easily vacuum it.

What is the Cost: Handmade wool area rug is cheaper than handmade silk carpet because handmade silk carpet takes more time and effort to weave a carpet. The raw material of silk is also more expensive than a wool area rug and stains come out easier than those already settled on wool. However, a tip or two are always of use.

So with the aforementioned differences, one can easily make out the difference between a good quality handmade wool rug and a pure silk handmade carpet

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