Why Are Londoners Hiring Naked Maids?

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When you look through the classified ads, the last thing you expect to see is a company hiring naked cleaners. However, it really happens, and a UK-based business is offering excellent incentives for women to apply for naked cleaning jobs.

If you’re curious about this type of cleaning service – and you’re on a website called Cleaner Confessions, so you probably are! – read on.

Naturist Cleaners is the company who originally ran the ad, and according to the owner, most people who request a nude cleaner are men who are currently involved in the nudist community. It has clearly caught on – the company has since expanded from its original London base to Peterborough, Surrey, and Southport. 

What’s more, cleaners are paid £45 per hour. This is a huge selling point as normal cleaning wages in the UK are £7.36. So, you show up in slippers and gloves, and you get £45 per hour. The company itself charges its clients £65 for the first hour and £55 for each additional hour. Additionally, you can hire fully clothed cleaners from the same company for a reduced rate.

They also go to lengths to protect both the clients and the cleaners and have guidelines about client/cleaner interactions. It’s strictly hands-off, and there can’t be other people in the houses while the cleaner is there.

Nude cleaners are a new niche, and people are responding positively.

Naked Cleaners – Your Questions Answered

1. What is included in the service?

Traditional cleaning services are included including dusting, mopping, wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, watering plants, making beds, ironing, and washing clothing, and cleaning windows. If you have pets a specialist vacuum cleaner for pet hair may be used.

2. What areas does the company cover?

Currently, Naturist Cleaners cover all of the UK, and they’re continuing to expand. 

3. Can the clients and the cleaners touch?

No, the company has a very strict hands-off policy, and it doesn’t allow the clients to touch the fully clothed or the nude cleaners. This is a safety issue that they take very seriously. 

4. What happens if the client and the cleaner are not compatible?

The client has the option of requesting a cleaner that matches their preferences, though every cleaner hired is very professional and friendly. However, if there are problems, the client simply needs to reach out to the company. 

5. What does the nude cleaner and fully clothed cleaner wear?

The fully clothed cleaner wears a traditional maid outfit, and the nude cleaner wears slippers and gloves. 

6. Can clients and cleaners contact one another in private?

It is strictly against the company’s policies to share information, but if a client and a cleaner choose to do so without the knowledge of the company, the company isn’t liable for the quality of the cleaning. They also aren’t liable for any issues that may arise from these private meetings. 

7. Is there a minimum booking and a minimum cancellation time frame?

Cleaners must be booked at least forty-eight hours in advance, and it is strongly recommended that you cancel with at least a twenty-four hour notice. If you cancel within the twenty-four hours, you’ll be charged a £30 per cleaner cancellation fee. 

To date, Naturist Cleaners is one of the United Kingdom’s leading nude and naturist cleaning service companies. For the employees, it’s a chance to make much more per hour cleaning than you would at a normal cleaning job, and for the customers, it’s a chance to have something out of the ordinary.

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