Who Cleans More? Mums or Their Children?

a typical teen's roomRecent research revealed that mums do more cleaning than their children. That is why the majority of teenagers do not know how to keep a room in order and what a cleaning process requires.

The experts claim it is their mothers’ fault because they do all the cleaning themselves instead of trying to engage their children with the process. Most mothers reveal that it is easier to do something on your own instead of waiting for their children to do it. In fact 70% of mums admit they prefer to handle the domestic tasks without asking for help the teenagers.

It is a surprising fact that women still think that the cleaning skills are important in the everyday routines. Despite this the majority of mothers do not try to teach their daughters how to handle those routines. The main reason, according to the experts is the busy everyday life which does not allow people to spend more time with their children.

If you are a busy mother who prefers cleaning the room of her teen child, you’d rather think about it and change your attitudes. Spend the little time you have trying to make your kids be more responsible and organized.


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Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr

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