New Invention to Clean Space Water

Space UniverseScientists created a system which is capable of cleaning space water by removing all contaminants and salts from it.

The Kazakhstan team of scientists wanted to examine the water found on other planets similar to the Earth. The main goal is to find out whether there is life somewhere else except on our planet in the Solar System. In order to do that they need to examine the water supplies they find. The invention must separate anything such as dust and dirt so that water analysers can test it for organic fragments.

One of the inventors Boris Pilot says that this is not just an invention but a whole system and many things will be added to it later. The first customer interested in the new invention is the Russian Academy of Science.

The plan is for the invention to be used for the first time after 5 or 6 years. It will melt and clean water taken from the Jupiter orbiter Europe. They may even send it on Mars in 2020.


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