Robot Invented to Ease Fukushima Clean Up

Robots to be used for Fukushima Clean Up


Japanese experts are developing a robot to help clean Fukushima nuclear plant. The scientists admit that the invention is a latest technology advancement and will ease Fukushima nuclear power plant clean up after the devastating tsunami and earthquake.

The video below shows the robotic exoskeleton. It was initially meant to be used by elderly Japanese people for transporting goods. It enables the user to carry about 60 kilograms. But now it is to acquire a new application.

Japanese companies are currently cooperating to construct a robot to be used for safe and effective decomposition of the Fukushima nuclear plant after the quake and tsunami damage.

The robot is designed as a suit that allows its wearer to carry and transport materials. The advanced robotics teams also came up with ideas for a small remote-control operated mobile robot that will provide the view needed for efficient navigation and execution of the decomposition.


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