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a typical teen's room

Who Cleans More? Mums or Their Children?

Recent research revealed that mums do more cleaning than their children. That is why the majority of teenagers do not know how to keep a room in order and what a cleaning process requires.

brooms in a store

Brooms Will Always Be Useful

Brooms and mops are the tools that will never be useless, experts claim. Even today when the technology is developed these tools are still in our cupboards. The reasons are several, for...

dish washing fights may lead to divorce

Household Chores Can Lead to Divorce

Fighting over the household chores is the second most common reason for a divorce, a recent survey revealed. The first one is money then rows over who washes the dishes and who cleans the...

Snow cleaning in the garden

Winter Garden Cleaning Can Be Tough

Cleaning the garden in the winter can be very tough and even dangerous, experts claim. People should be very careful if they want to handle this tasks smoothly. Even if you cleaned the...