Nicola Formichetti Used to Clean Windows

The famous UK designer and stylist Nicola Formichetti said that he used to clean the windows in a shop in London before he became popular. According to him, this helped him to get in the business.

Nicola Formichetti is 34 year old and he is one of the leading stylists in the world. In 2010 he became creative director of the French label, called “Thierry Mugler”. When he met with the journalist Colin McDowell, Formichetti told him more about his life and the job he had before. The designer didn’t graduate fashion in the university because he dropped out but it didn’t stop him from being successful.

In the beginning Nicola was a shop assistant in London where he had to do different things such as cleaning and washing the windows. But during that time he met quite influential and famous designers. Nicola Formichetti is the one who helped Lady Gaga to become as popular as she is because of her extravagant vision.

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