‘Wireless’ Cleaning – New Cordless Gtech AirRam

Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleanersFor those that are not keen on cleaning, but love technology instead, we have good news to share. Alleviate domestic cleaning and tackle all tasks with cutting edge technology – for all tech fans – Gtech AirRam is here to change your life for the better.

The new cordless vacuum cleaner is efficient and one of its great features increased manoeuvrability. It is said to be not only convenient but also light weight and even energy saving. AirRam is charged through batteries, 4h hours of charging are equivalent to 40 minutes continuous use. Other products of that kind are charged for more than 10 hours. 40 minutes are enough to clean living room and the kitchen – 2 rooms at a single charge.

The innovative product has a unique feature – the way it stores dirt and dust collected after operation. Unlike other vacuum cleaners that just suck dirt and store it close to the floor, allowing it to fall back, AirRam collects dirt in two separate compartments. Dirt is converted to dust bales in order to avoid the dust clouds when emptying the compartments.

Easy to clean, easy to use, the innovative design makes it rotatable and increases its manoeuvrability. Cleaning corners and reaching under the furniture is not a problem for the new cleaning gadget.

There is another surprising feature. In attempt to make vacuum cleaning a preferred work-out activity indoors, AirRam can be plugged into your USB socket reporting on the amount of calories you have burnt during vacuum cleaning and of course you can check the battery state.

For more information check the corporative site: http://www.gtechairram.co.uk/

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