What to Look for in a Rubbish Removal Company in Shepherds Bush?

On March 17th, 2016 By

There is a fierce competition in the industry aptly named “rubbish removal Shepherds Bush”. Well, maybe not “fierce” competition, but there definitely is some. However, there’s only a handful of companies that can actually get the job done properly, and you need to know what they are. In order to choose the proper company for […]

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Current State of the UK’s Waste Collection Industry

On October 5th, 2015 By

Everybody in this world produces waste, but not everybody is aware of the effects waste has on the environment. For our regret, just like households, every type of work generates waste, even the most

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The Three Boxes Method to Organizing Your Stuff

On October 1st, 2015 By

You have the interest, commitment, and gumption to oust the unneeded stuff from your kitchen (and so from your life).Now, you need a system. Now, you need the “three boxes,” an easy, straightforward, task-oriented method for decluttering. With the three boxes, you put all of the items in your kitchen into

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