How to Choose Best Weed Eater for Your Garden

If you are a homeowner with a beautiful garden or a simple front yard, then you know that their maintenance is not something you can put aside. The best way to keep your yard or garden maintained is to constantly work on it, but that can be a time-consuming task, especially if you do it with the wrong tool.

The right tool for your garden is the tool which is completely adjusted to you and to the size, shape and overall state of your garden. Since there are many different tools on the market, you can find the one that suits you perfectly and if you know where to look, that task should be very quick and simple.

I want to help you, by giving you a few tips and tricks on what you can do to choose the best weed eater for your garden. Weed eaters are simple to use, easy to control and they have enough strength to simply maintain your yard or to cut all those stubborn weeds you can find there. They come in different types, shapes, and sizes and the only thing you have to do to decide on one model is to check out this guide made by experts: Best Weed (Grass) Eater / Wacker / String Trimmer Review and pick the one type which is perfect for your needs.

How to choose the best weed eater for your garden?

Before I share with you all the information you need to know, I want you to think about the weed eater and what do you expect from it. Do you need a strong motor, silent and simple tool, or do you need a heavy-duty beast that will destroy everything that comes in its way? This way you will know what is the best tool for you simply by your own desires and preferences. After that, you can compare the tool you imagined with the actual garden or yard you want to maintain and choose the tool which has the best for you and for your yard.

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The Type of Weed Eater

There are two basic types of weed eaters – the gas and the electric weed eaters. Each of them comes with its own pros and cons, but their main difference is that the electric ones are more environmentally friendly and they don’t produce any sound, while most gas trimmers are pretty loud and you will need to use ear protection. On the other hand, the gas trimmer is slightly stronger so they are used in bad shape yards and gardens.

The electric ones are also divided into two categories and the gas trimmers also come in two categories. So, at the moment, think about whether you want a gas weed eater or the electric one.

The Gas Trimmer

As I have already mentioned, they come in two types and they are known as the 2-cycle and the 4-cycle trimmers (learn even more here). The 4-cycle trimmer is slightly better for inexperienced people because you don’t have to separate the gas from the oil, which is the case for the 2-cycle trimmers. But, the 2-cycle trimmers have more power and if you choose the 4-cycle trimmer with the same power as the 2-cycle, you will get a very heavy trimmer which is hard to control. So, if you are more experienced and you need a heavy-duty trimmer, go with the 2-cycle trimmer models.

The Electric Trimmers

The electric trimmers are far simpler than gas trimmers. They are light, easy to maintain and easy to control and you don’t have to have experience with them. Their two main types are corded trimmer and battery-operated trimmer. The battery operated trimmer is better for larger yards and yards with irregular shape because it is easier to carry a trimmer without the cord. The corded trimmers are better for small and simple yards because they can go as far as their cord lets them.

Also, most corded trimmers aren’t very powerful, while there are battery-operated trimmers which are as powerful as gas trimmers.

The Type of the Shaft

Now that you have decided whether you want a gas or electric trimmer, you are almost done. Everything else is there to make you feel more comfortable during trimming and the type of shaft is one of those things. There are two types, the straight and the curved shaft. The straight shaft is better if you have a few hard to reach places in your yard (like under the bushes or corners) and it is easier to control. The curved shaft has a curve which gives you a better view on what you are doing and it also keeps the work in front of you all the time. The experience is not important here because you can easily adjust to the shaft during trimming. The more important part is the question; do you have places that are hard to reach in your yard?

As you can see, it is not complicated to look for a trimmer when you know what are your requirements and now that you know the type of the trimmer with the shaft, you can easily find the model for you and your garden.

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