Wireless Festival Clean-Up Under Way

London Hyde ParkHyde Park in central London became a real mudbath, as the Wireless Festival was soaked by rain this weekend. The challenge now is to clean-up the venue for the rest of the upcoming summer outdoor events. 

Wireless Festival took place last weekend, Rihanna, Rita Ora and  Drake were just a small few of the starry line-up. The festival venue is now damaged by the heavy rain and the crowds of music lovers. As Hyde Park will be hosting several more concerts, it should be repaired in a pinch, as great gigs are to be held there, performances by Blur and many more.

Steve Edwards, Hyde Park Manager, has already sent a team of experts to evaluate the damage caused and ensure the safety of the festival goers. Damaged ground repair is a challenge but the venue should be restored to its pristine state, for the next events in line.

A large ground restoration plan will be implemented when the concerts are over. With some more downpours forecast, Hyde Park management is struggling to prepare the terrain for the Olympics 2012 tourist influx.

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Nicholas Carr

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