Drain Cleaning Myths Busted

There are many cleaning myths and the professionals from a popular drain cleaning company accepted the challenge to bust the drain cleaning myths once and for all.

The first busted myth is the one which says the drain cleaning chemicals are more helpful than harmful. In fact it is the opposite according to the experienced house cleaners who admit that those chemicals can eat away the pipes of your plumbing system. That’s why it is better to call drain cleaning company and save money from pipes changing.

Myth number two: everyone can handle the plumbing work. The statistics show most people think they can do the job themselves or call a handy man. The truth is that one cannot find out whether the work was done correctly, so the conclusion is everyone can say he can handle the plumbing work, but not everyone can really handle it. Myth busted!

The third myth which is the last one claims only “dummies” read the manuals. It is true that the biggest part of them is useless and boring but among those boring details, there are things one has to know such as warranty information and maintenance tips. Sometimes there are even some troubleshooting techniques. Another myth busted.

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Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr

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