Volunteers to Clean Damaged Trees in Cleveland 

storm damaged trees to be cleaned up in ClevelandCleveland, Tennessee, US, was  shaken by heavy winds yesterday. The strong winds were only a tiny detail of the devastating storm. Now it is time for a quick prompt recovery before the weather goes beyond control again.

Cleveland Cleanup was formed under the supervision of Laura Mountain, the local crisis counsellor for Tennessee. Many had their homes taken away by the winds earlier in April, they woke up to see the bare landscape – tree less hills, previously covered by beautiful trees.

Mountain is now summoning volunteers from all over the Tennessee state. In attempt to clean up the areas worst affected by the storm, the counsellor considers launching a weekly weekend cleaning programme as there is much to attend to. There are debris left from past storms, even from the April.

“ We are very appreciative of everyone who is helping,” said Teena Garner, who is currently re-building her home. Anyone with a chain saw, shovel and rake is welcome to give a hand in the clean up.

The authorities are in search of a decent storage place where all the debris and wood material could be kept.

Residents are still in shock but something should be done as soon as possible. It is not the first case of twisters and tornadoes hitting Tennessee. People should get themselves together and clean up the debris, and always be prepared for a new storm. This is vital for their survival.

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