Dust Mites Most Dangerous for Our Health

It appears that some of the most dangerous things in our homes are the dust mites. They can be found mainly in the bed mattresses and it makes them one of the main reasons for asthma. Considering that there are millions of Britons suffering from it, we can make a conclusion that people in the United Kingdom have very big problem dealing with the dust mites.

One of the most effective ways to kill the bugs is using powerful vacuum cleaners and Dyson are doing their best to produce such a machine. According to the latest news, the company tries to find a solution to the dust mites problem as they examine the bugs.

The scientist Karen Hall said that the best way to fight against the dust mites is to study them better and for that purpose they grow their own bugs in a lab. This way they have the chance to find out how to deal with this problem more effectively. This gave the scientist the chance to find out that the dust mites prefer the mattresses in your home as well we your pillows because of their warmness.

Be very careful and make sure you protect your home from dust mites otherwise you may harm your health and suffer an asthma, the experts say.

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Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr

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