E-Water – New Drinkable Cleaning Solution

cleaning solutiona that you can drinkEnvironmentally save cleaning is not that new to households. Green cleaning is more than popular, it is a must for ecologically sound living. Most cleaners we use today are less toxic than before. What if we had a cleaning solution so pure and non-toxic that it is potable?! A Brooklyn cleaning company has some good news for you. You are about to change your idea of domestic cleaning products. Here is E-Water. 

EcoLogic Solutions, a company based at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, will totally rock the cleaning industry. Anselm Doering is certain that the new cleaning fluid, called e-Water is safe for drinking. And he undoubtedly proves it.

The solution contains mainly salty water: sodium hydroxide, derived through counteraction with an electric field, and hypochlorous acid, all usually found in water. It is all 100 % drinkable. Mr. Doering gulps down the solution bottom up. There is no magic, is basically chemistry.

But does it clean then? Comparing the revolutionary liquid with common household spraying solutions, same results are achieved. Both leave the surface sparkling clean after a wipe or two, but there is a significant difference. Traditional cleaners are not to be swallowed, never. E-Water is pure water with a light alkaline taste. Which would you choose?

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Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr

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