Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Cleaning

safety cleaningSafe cleaning is a necessity these days. Forbes lists the 5 things about cleaning that everyone intending to clean should be well-aware of.

Cleaning does involve the use of dangerous chemicals. The information is based on the Environmental Working Group’s guide on safe cleaning. The EWG scientists have inspected various cleaning products labels to grade all substances depending on their safety.

Here is what they found out. Watch out for formaldehyde containing cleaners. Although it has been banned in the EU, it is still found in cleaning products manufactured in the US.

Many products contain a mixture of ingredients called a contaminant. It is made by combining different chemicals via a chemical reaction. Good news is that when mixed chemicals don’t change from non-toxic to toxic. But toxins remain even when diluted, just at a lower density.

Green doesn’t always mean safe. Green products are selling well, this is a marketing strategy. Their list of ingredients show what they really contain.
Borax, one of the main green cleaning ingredients, is commonly used in dish washing detergents. Borax is a toxic hormone disruptor. It is still known as a green cleaning ingredient, used in product recipes.

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