Chemicals Found in “Green” Cleaners

According to e recent report, some green cleaning products appear to contain dangerous chemicals which can lead to health problems or harm people who already have asthma or some kind of an allergy.

American Environmental Working Group wanted to label all cleaning products with letters from A to F in order to estimate the level of their safety. During the process while examining the ingredients of more than 2000 cleaning products, they came to the conclusion that more than 50% of the detergents contain dangerous for the health chemicals.

Another discovery the organization did was that most of the so-called “green” products contain ingredients which shouldn’t be included in their structure. Even worse – some of these ingredients are not mentioned on the labels which caused the society’s reaction. It appears that the manufacturers in Canada are not obliged to put warning signs on the labels and people should check by themselves what ingredients the cleaning products contain and how these may affect their health.

The solution of the problem for us is to use home-made cleaning detergents. Thus we can be sure that the ingredients are eco-friendly enough to protect our health.

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