How Clean Switzerland Is?

Switzerland is considered one of the most clean countries in the world. Some people think this is a myth but witness share with us that it is true and the country is spotless shiny. Is it really that clean?

How can we find out whether Switzerland is so rubbish free as everyone thinks? One of the most reliable source of information are the tourists and the people who visit the country. Barbara Cunningham is from Canada and she recently went there for a holiday. Her impression was that the Swiss are really obsessed with cleaning people and that their country is really that clean as everyone says.

What are the evidences? According to a research made by a marketing organization, the tourists who visit Switzerland are impressed by the cleanliness as much as by the culture and history of the country. Other people such as Christian Laesser think that the level of cleanliness is something abstract because it depends which country you come from. Some people who live in clean countries do not see Switzerland as that clean as everyone else.

What about the local residents you may ask. They really hate litter and some of them share that it can be even better. The Environment Switzerland 2009 report revealed that the disposing of the rubbish in the country is a growing problem.

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