Street Cleaners in Wales Equipped with a Huge Vacuum Cleaner

street cleaners with more powerful equipment

Community cleaners in Aberdare and Pontypridd can now handle trash more effectively as they are now using a huge hand operated vacuum cleaner. Obviously, rubbish has no chance, so roads are about to be clear of trash.

The new vacuum cleaner is a Glutton® one. It has a 12.5cm tube, which can suck up any kind of trash found on the street. The huge vacuum cleaning machine removes anything that can pass through its wide tube. Metal bottles and plastics will be dealt with effectively with one hover only.

The rubbish will be sucked in first without being sorted. All trash collected from pavements, streets, gutters and stations will be processed later, sorted and recycled.

Being equipped with such a powerful cleaner will alleviate cleaners’ job. More power equals easier and better clean up, so Wales residents will now see their streets cleaned with enhanced speed. Residents will take pride in the cleaner and greener environment their Street Cleaning team will provide them with.

Litter is a constant problem, removing it daily is a continuous process, residents should also contribute to reducing waste by properly disposing of it. Anyone spotted dropping litter improperly will be fined £75 by the local Streetcare Enforcement and Awareness officers.

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