iRobot and Evolution Robotics Become One

The latest news in the area of the cleaning business is that the manufacturer of the popular cleaning robots Roomba and Scooba, iRobot is going to take possession of Evolution Robotics.

The last one is an American company producing robotic technologies. By acquiring the company, iRobot probably wants to improve even more their vacuum cleaning robots through new technologies. The price iRobot has to pay is 74 million dollars.

Forbes wrote about the deal announcing that the CEO of Evolution Robotics, Paolo Pirjanian was not going to leave but he will become part of the new company as Chief Technology Officer. Colin Angle from iRobot said that when the two companies become one, the opportunities in front of them will be even more.

The production of cleaning robots becomes more valuable as more and more people choose to invest in such a purchase. Evolution Robotics will be acquired in one or two months.

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