Roof Cleaning – A Necessity Before Repair

roof care and maintenanceWhen spring is here, the seasonal rain fall and humidity are hitting most homes. In order to assure that your roof will withstand heavy rainfall, some repair is an indispensable part of home improvement. According to Angie Hicks, a consumer group executive, roof cleaning is the first step towards a safe and intact roof.

Roofs are to be checked well – moss and algae cleaned. For old roofs check for loose part and repair what you can.

Roof made of asphalt, Angie reminds, can have some strange stains. This is moss which requires cleaning. A contractor should be called to the rescue to have the roof examined in detail. High pressure washing is a no-no, and abrasives should be avoided. Angie recommends using insured roof cleaning providers that will not void the warranty of your roof.

Only fully insured contractors will provide workers that will perform this dangerous job up to the standard. Prices range depending on the dimensions of your roof, its shape and pitch.

Guarantee is a must. In case some of a future problem like moss appearing or even algae someone should be held responsible for that.

Repair only when the roof is clean. If it should be repaired or even replaced, cleaning can wait.

Angie advises that roofs should be examined at least every three-four years.

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