New Year’s Eve Clean Up – Korean Style

Korean Cleansing Ritual

There are many ways to welcome the  New Year. Traditions and rituals around the world are as numerous as the days of the year. One interesting idea, we at Cleanerconfessions embrace and promote,  is the Korean tradition for endorsing a change in your life, a fresh start for welcoming health, prosperity and abundance.

All such rituals aim at setting the tone and the theme for the rest of the new year. The traditions goes as follows: you go into the new year the way you want to rest of the year to go. Then, to assure your prosperity, fun, abundance, health etc, one should perform a number of rituals. Cleaning the house is one of these fresh start rituals. Cleaning the home on December 31st and dealing with all the clutter that has piled up all year long is a cleansing practice. This allows you to cleanse your home and soul from the negativity and make room for more positive energy.

It may seem quite unpleasant to spend the last day of the year scrubbing, mopping and decluttering, but this is a good way to get a fresh start in the New Year.

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