Holidays Are a Cleaning Chore for House Proud Women

Holidays mean more cleaning chores

Are you houseproud? What do you associate holidays with? Fun and family gatherings, festive mood, gifts and drinks? Yes, of course, but all that is unthinkable without the proper clean up. According to Daily Mail, holidays mean hard work and chores to many housewives. It is crucial to get the home in tip top state, as making guests feel as comfortable as possible and is what it takes for the host to be houseproud.

The total amount of time spent in preparations is equivalent to 324 hours, broken into 50 minutes daily clean up.  December is the time for more intensive cleaning, as most housewives readily dedicate 3 hours more when it comes to preparations for festive visitors.

Having a constant influx of visitors for the holidays, you should be quite worried about the state of your house, it should be as tidy as possible. Unexpected visitors make houseproud women go crazy if they haven’t had enough time to carry out the hovering, cooking, dusting as planned.

Researchers state that even though Christmas and the holidays are associated with more cleaning than usual, more than a half of all women polled do enjoy cleaning their home and receiving festive guests. Quick and time-saving cleaning solutions are what most housewives gladly resort to, as impressing guests, doesn’t have to be stressful.

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