New Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Talks

The robot vacuum cleaners become more popular because they are easy to use and practically can clean the whole house by themselves. You can turn it on and let it clean the carpet without spending your time vacuuming or sweeping.

Now there is even something better than that. A Japanese company plans to launch a robot vacuum cleaner that can talk. The invention will be capable of understanding several different languages and responding to them as well. The robot vacuum cleaner will be able to tell you when you have to empty the dust collector and along with that it will greet you with “good morning”.

A great advantage is that you won’t have to push the turn on button anymore. All you have to do is to tell your cleaner to vacuum the living room and it will be able to respond to you depending on the situation. What is more amazing than that is the fact that the robot is going to take a photo of each area in your home that needs to be cleaned.

It is not announced yet what the price is going to be but hopefully we will have the chance to buy such a useful item very soon.

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