Cleaning Habits Are Inheritable

cleaning evolves with timeAccording to Sarah Welch ad Alicia Rockmore most people still adhere to the cleaning rules and routines set by their mothers, grandmothers and etc. So it is likely that most contemporary housewives have inherited their cleaning habits from their predecessors. When you think you are doing something in the right way, how do you know that this is the right way? It turns out that there might be a more practical approach to cleaning than yours.

The art of folding clothes and making the bed for example, in a certain way, is a skill that girls master at an early age. They approach domestic tasks in the way their mothers and grand-mothers did.

Making the bed with all the hospital corners and etc. is something Sarah Welch inherited from her mother. Bed making takes 2 minutes only, but she is never satisfied with the way her husband attempts to do the same process, it is not the right way, she would say.

House keepers tend to subconsciously imitate the way their parents cleaned in the past, it is all pretty normal, but unfortunately not very practical and really old-fashioned. The right way today in our busy everyday life relies on delegating responsibilities, being more organized while cleaning and the hardest part – breaking up with old habits.

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