New Non-Toxic Solution Against Silver-Fish

The silver-fish infestation could be a huge problem for some households. Sometimes nothing helps even the strongest toxic detergents which can kill you but not the silver-fish.

There are green solutions for those of you who avoid using chemicals. The newest one is a product manufactured by MyCleaningProducts and is already on the market. The product was named Silverfish Bully and the company producer claims it is totally safe and there are no risks for people’s health as well as for the environment.

If you wonder what silverfish can cause to you home, then you should know that they can thoroughly ruin your pictures, books and even some of your clothes. It is very hard to save the last ones from the pests as most of the solutions against them are toxic and you cannot apply them on fabrics. The Silverfish Bully is totally green which makes it useful for all types of surfaces including clothes and books which you touch.

You can also reduce the chance of silver-fish infestation if you make sure there is no moisture in your home which attracts them.

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