One in Ten Brits Leaves Dishes in the Sink for a Week

Brits not keen on kitchen cleaningBrits are notorious for their grubbiness. More than a half of all Brits that took part in a recent poll admit to not washing the dishes before going to bed. Washing up is not a favoured activity, so dishes are left to fester overnight.

A cleaning expert at LimeLite has asked about 2,000 Brits to reveal more about their kitchen cleaning habits.

Statistics say that only a third of all participants spring clean their kitchen. The activity is done once a year, often before the winter holidays or Easter. And even after such a deep cleaning, one-fourth of Brits claim that their kitchen is not as clean as they want it to be and do nothing to change this.

Even more disturbing is the fact that only 25% of all Brits clean their kitchens daily. Ten-minutes-daily-clean-up become a weekly kitchen cleaning but not to their satisfaction.

Grease and grime freely thrive in the kitchen, the centre of indoor contamination, and the most alarming fact, it takes less than 10 minutes a day to keep it safe and clean, but most Brits prefer to postpone cleaning their kitchen cleaning. Fortunately cleaning companies in London are making a good profit out of British grubbiness. ‘Cleaning is best done by a professional’, they would say.

Kitchen is the place where most dangerous and health-threatening bacteria cam be found. Brits are not keen on kitchen cleaning due to laziness or unawareness of the potential hazards.

“Just hope they don’t invite us round for dinner any time soon.” a spokesman for LimeLite says, but statistics speak for itself – Where there’s muck, there’s Brits.

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