New Cleaning Flue Gas Technology

The flue gas which the big fuel-burning factories evolve in the air contains too much CO2. This is one of the main reasons for our polluted environment and climate changes.

CSIRO is a company that found a solution to the problem and develops a technology which will probably reduce the CO2 emissions.

But how is that possible? The key is in the amine called monoethanolamine. It takes part in the absorption of the CO2 on a chemical level but it has never been so efficient before.

The scientists have been researching not only this amine but many different such as ionic liquids and enzyme-based ones.

Any achievements of the experts can help us protect the nature more and hopefully reduce the global warming. The CO2 levels have increased a lot for the last twenty years. This makes us think more about the effect it will soon has on the environment and on the climate changes.

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