More Potential Household Health Dangers Revealed

More Health Threats Revealed


Little children are known to love playing with various objects. Accidental injuries are not the only hazard to kids’ health. Even though precautions are taken, some dangers are not as obvious as others. Potential hazards can be everywhere. Denise Dador of Abc local reveals some child-proofing tricks.

Craft magnets are not as harmless as one could think. Magnets can attract each other when swallowed and can pose a serious health thread interfering with the stomach. Their proper removal requires surgery, gastroenterologists say.

Balloons are kids’ favourite decoration and that is why playing with them can lead to choking and conform to the food pipe. Pet food can also cause suffocation when swallowed by toddlers. Kids really don’t know what they inhale or swallow.

Baby oil can also be a potential danger. It can cause lung inflammation gastroenterologists say. Household items such as hand wash liquids containing alcohol can poison kids.

Kids are still illiterate and can’t read labels, so that is why parents should take proper care and keep them safe from harm. Good luck.


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