Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners – New OCD Documentary on Channel 4

Obessive Compulsive Cleaners

The OCD TV documentary Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners has finally made it live. The TV show that can take you into the filthiest British homes. Linda Dykes, an OCD sufferer backed up by her team of cleaning freaks aims at cleaning up Britain till perfection. Channel 4 has united OCD driven enthusiasts to help remove all dirt in the world.

The first episode broadcast on Channel 4, on February 13th. The OCD cleaning crew visited some abnormally dirty homes. The ultimate cleaning crew recruited, Linda has a powerful army of inspired cleaners driven by the urge to scrub all areas till they are immaculate and sanitized.

Some reviews can be found online. According to Christopher Howse of telegraph.co.uk, the show put the contrast between grime infested homes and sanitized ones on display.

A good example of such a confrontation is an OCD-obsessed cleaner, Richard, 37 opening a mouldy fridge and expressing his disgust by pointing at mouldy food remains.

But after all, promoting cleanliness is good. It is now the case of an anorexic saying “I love slimming”, there is a good cause behind it all, showing the benefits of regular cleaning and criticising and condemning mess and those that are used to it.

Is it right to make such an illness and its manifestations public? Is it turning a disorder to a freak show ethical?

For more information on Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners show visit the Channel 4 official site.

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