London Hosts the Oldest Dinosaur Known Ever

Natural-History-Museum-LondonThe London Museum is probably the place where the oldest dinosaur known ever can be seen.

The scientists claim that the remains of a dinosaur which has been shown in the museum for 80 years belong to a dinosaur that lived 245 million years ago. This is earlier than the time when the known as the oldest dinosaur lived.

The particular remains was found in Tanzania in the 30’s of 20th century. They were examined in 1950s when the scientists were not able to establish the type of the animal they belonged. Later after detailed examinations, the bones were identified to belong to a dinosaur and they were similar to the bones kept in a museum in South Africa.

The size of the animal is supposed to be as the size of a large dog and it is claimed to live on the Pangaea supercontinent which according to experts used to include parts of Africa, South America, Australia and Antarctica.

You can see the dinosaur today in the London Museum which is one of the largest in the United Kingdom. It became popular recently with the fact that its cleaners went out for a strike against their low salaries.

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