How They Keep Ramsgate Town Clean?

ramsgate united kingdomThe cleaning of some of the United Kingdom towns is an important issue about the authorities and they do their best to keep them in appropriate state. But how they do it?

Recently there was a plan how to improve the cleaning of the Ramsgate streets. This is a small town in Kent and the project for the street cleaning which started in October will occur for 12 weeks. The company employed by the authorities is called Waste Consulting and the project includes buying of tools and cleaning products as well as plans for the daily cleaning and litter collecting.

However the main purpose of the scheme is to make people be more responsible and stop them from throwing litter on the streets. Before the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a community called Ramsgate Society collected the rubbish from the town which was over two tons.

Now when there is a plan for the improvement of the city cleanliness, authorities hope that the new bins and cigarette ash-trays will make the town looking much better.

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