Heinz Releases All Natural Cleaning Vinegar

Heinz-Vinegar for cleaningH.J Heinz Co. is entering the cleaning business. The company is about to introduce the All Natural Cleaning Vinegar, the revolutionary product that Heinz launched in the recent decade that is especially for cleaning.

Heinz is well-known for the high quality it produces. The company has been manufacturing vinegar for over a century. Their products are widely used for pickling and the Heinz Ketchup is one of the leaders on the international food seasoning market.

But the All Natural Cleaning Vinegar is especially designed for cleaning. It has a special formula that makes it a high quality all purpose domestic cleaner. The company reveals that All Natural Cleaning Vinegar is has a higher concentration of about 20% more than the traditional Heinz white vinegar. Its acidity level is 6 %, but it is still suitable for cooking purposes.

Vinegar is widely used as green cleanser. Heinz recommends using All Natural Cleaning Vinegar for degreasing, descaling, eliminating build up dirt and even for tile cleaning.

Do you clean with vinegar? Do you trust commercial cleaners or you mix your own cleaning solutions at home?

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Nicholas Carr

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