Energy-Conscious Households Save More Than £30 A Year

save on electricityElectrical devices, we all have them in our homes, from LCD TVs to laptops and washing machines, they all consume electricity.

There is hardly a way for a modern 21st century family to make it through the day without electricity, as all kitchen appliances, for example, are powered in this way. Energy costs money.

A simple method for reducing electricity consumption is switching off appliances when not in use. DirectGov shared some striking facts – even when the TV set is turned off, it is still consuming electricity. It is not much of a waste but it accumulates in time and can amount to more than £30 a year. Compared to the simple and brisk gesture of unplugging the device, why waste your money?

Energy-efficiency starts with choosing the right washing machine, for example. Experts say that buyers need to be more energy-conscious. EU Energy Labels should be carefully examined before purchasing an item. Reading the labels carefully and picking A-rated appliances is the key to reducing electricity bills.

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