Does Housework Really Transform the Figure? 

Lose weight while cleaningHousewives used to be fitter back in the 1950s before the invention of our today’s domestic helpers: vacuum cleaners and other technology gadgets. A new research cited by Fiona Duffy in Daily Mail  reveals that women’s overage waists size is now six inches bigger. What is the reason, housework, Fiona points out, modern women do less cleaning now and rely on convenient technology inventions to alleviate it even further. Is the vacuum cleaner the only one to blame for making housewives lazy and plump?

How does housework affect the figure, does it really shape it? Eileen Fowler, a former BBC fitness advisor claims that housework can transform the body and reduce waist size. Eileen says that she has been tackling domestic chores daily and combining them with some exercises, she had been able to do housework and stay fit all her life.

Merging cleaning with some easy to do body shaping movements is a convenient way to reduce waist size. Personal trainers in the UK advise working women with less time to do body work to merge it with cleaning. It is still a calorie burning activity involving muscle power and movement.

One calorie burning exercise is using green cleaning products that require more elbow grease than commercial all-purpose cleaners. Vigorously scrubbing is a real way to lose weight and shed some calories.

For more tips and household keep-fit routines refer to–cleaning-house-YOU-Fifties-wasp-waist.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

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