“Clean Your Hands” Campaign

Few people think about the germs living on their hands. Try counting how many times per day you wash them. If you pay attention to it, you will notice this doesn’t happen very often. And this is a huge mistakes.

The Ministry of Health in the United States has started a campaign called “ Clean Your Hands” and its goal is to make people and mostly the children to use the soap more often. Some of us rarely wash their hands after they were cleaning the house. Although we use cleaning products, it is not useful and healthy to start eating right after we have touched the cleaning clothes or sponges. The chemicals contained in the cleaning products itself are very dangerous and we surely have to wash our hands after being in touch with them.

The campaign will take place on Saturday and it will be marked through several educational meetings and trainings in the General Department of Combating Infection. The aim of those meetings is to remind people how important it is to wash your hands regularly. Experts want to tell us one more time how we can prevent some dangerous infections through a good hand hygiene. Because as it appears, there are more germs living on the keyboard of our computers instead on the toilet seat.

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Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr

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