Cleaning Can be Both Good and Bad for Your Health

is cleaning healthySome say cleaning is healthy, others the opposite. Guess what, both are right. Cleaning done in the proper way can prove to be beneficial. Using dangerous cleaners without carefully reading the labels poses severe health risks.

Cleaning is good for your health – having a clean home makes the occupants feel better as it improves their overall health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency some pollutants found in most homes are in greater concentration than outdoors. We all spend most of our time at home, so these pollutants have their immediate impact on our organisms.

Dust stopped at the door – this means less pollution indoors. A door mat is a necessity as the less dust comes in driven by the wind or stuck onto your shoes, the cleaner the indoor air. A clean home allows the occupants to breathe easily once all dust and germs are kept at bay. Having all surfaces clean, especially those that you are in regular contact with, means less bacteria and pathogens threatening your health. Dust, however, is a major asthma and allergy trigger.

But cleaning can turn out to be bad for your health if you continually use dangerous heavy duty cleaners. Cleaners and disinfectants do contain harsh chemicals. Beware that you should always wear protective equipment like rubber gloves and a face mask, other wise your health is at risk. Most chemical cleaners have ingredients that can actually cause skin burns, breathing problems, and even nausea in case of overexposure. Consumer Reports recommends reading all labels carefully. Green cleaners are as efficient as commercial ones, then why put your health at risk – environmentalists remind.

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