Antibacterial vs. Deodorant Soap

antibacterial soapThere is a difference between the traditional deodorant soap and the so-called antibacterial soap. Although, they are both used for body hygiene, their cleaning properties are not quite the same.

American Cleaning Institute reports that deodorant soap’s main feature is fragrance. It is specially made to mask bad odours. When applying deodorant soap on body skin we just get rid of body odour. Beauty soap as it is also called, can deodorise and moisten your skin.

On the other hand, antibacterial soaps are effective in fighting germs. They reduce the growth of germs. Their main cleaning feature is controlling germ population and growth on the skin.  Their ingredients protect against bacteria, providing a thin film on the skin that keeps illness triggering germs away.

The moral is to use deodorant soap for daily body care just to freshen up your skin. Antibacterial soap is to be used after activities that may leave dangerous bacteria on your skin. Such are activities are going to the restroom, taking care of your pet and etc. It is highly recommended to wash your hands with an antibacterial soap prior to preparing the meal and cooking and before eating.

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