Spring Cleaning Origins Revealed

spring cleaning originsSpring cleaning dates back from ancient times. This annual cleaning ritual was invented by someone somewhere in the past. Let’s trace back spring cleaning origins together.

Some associate spring cleaning with the season of revival, namely spring, others consider it a preparation for the upcoming Easter holidays. Who is right?

If we can trust Wikipedia, spring cleaning is a thorough top to bottom annual home make over which usually happens during the first days of spring. It is said that the Persian new year, celebrated on the first day of spring is the predecessor of these awakening cleaning ritual. Iranian Norouz, as it was called in the past by Iranians is associated with the “khooneh tekouni” – an annual practice designating an activity similar to “shaking the house clean” usual done in preparation for Iranian Norouz.

Spring cleaning as a thorough top to bottom home renovation is also a tradition in Greece, Scotland and the Jewish culture. Scottish people are in the habit of cleaning before New Year’s Eve. Their cleaning task is called Hogmanay New Year’s Cleaning.

The Greek have their clean week just before Easter lent. Their homes should be clean inside out, top to bottom for the holidays. The Jewish people cannot celebrate their Passover without performing and thorough home cleaning at least a couple of day in advance.

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