America’s Most Endangered River – Potomac

The Potomac River is the first one in the list of the most endangered rivers in America. The Clean Water Act, an organization with 40 years experience in the area made that list with the purpose to clean all endangered rivers in North America.

Potomac is located in Maryland, Virginia. It flows into the Chesapeake Bay and attracts many tourists in the area. Unfortunately the river appears to be one of the most endangered in the country and the Clean Water Act already took a step towards its cleaning.

Thanks to them the river is much cleaner and there are no visible traces of its pollution as the banks of the river have been cleaned thoroughly. What’s worse is the fact that the water has been polluted by different chemicals and acids after a storm in the area. There are other rivers in the US with similar problems but Potomac is the only one which gathers all in one.

The Clean Water Act appeal is to all Americans who want to help. Let’s show the government that all citizens care for the water resources of the world.

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