5-year-old Scarred for Life Accidentally Due to Drain Cleaner Leakage

Acid drain cleaner scarred a boy for lifeSchoolboy, Boyd James was scarred for life after a powerful acidic drain cleaner leaked through the ceiling of the room he was sleeping in. The little boy felt his face was burning, when the acid leaked from the room above.

The acidic cleaning product dipped onto the bed of the 5-year-old Boyd melting the pillow entirely. Upstairs flat occupants had unclogged the kitchen sink pouring sulphuric acid down the drain. Unfortunately the acid was so strong that it destroyed the pipes and made its way through the floor and the ceiling and then dipped downstairs onto the little boy’s bed scarring his face.

The boy is now scarred for life, his face blistered and bubbled. Paramedics said that the boy was lucky to have been scarred only, acidic substances could have blinded him. The product contained 91 % sulphuric acid and the consequences might have been deadly.

Professional cleaners advise: beware when using instant drain cleaners and other heavy duty chemicals. Use only the amount recommended and wear protective gloves.

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Nicholas Carr

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