5 Ways to Keep Your Bed Room Clean When You Have Pets

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Cleanliness is the part and parcel of our life. We can’t compromise with it. Everyone, everyday spends hours cleaning their house and surroundings and it should start with your room only. The Bed Room is the vertex of a house. It is the place where we all spend our majority of the time. Earlier it was considered as a place only to sleep but nowadays due to less place and congested area house sizes are reduced. That is why the utility of the bedrooms has increased considerably.

Now where there are pets, the cleaning of the house is a serious challenge. The fact is that, however, you clean any area, pets love to litter and tear apart anything they find interesting. Another major problem with pets is falling off the hair. Anyone with pets present at home can actually agree with the fact that it is a serious challenge to keep the house neat and clean. Dogs, cats and birds hair fall while walking, playing and bathing. Dogs and cats jump on the bed and even they sit and rest in the Bedrooms.

Therefore, if anyone wants to keep the pets at home, then they should learn how to keep the house and especially Bed Rooms clean. The following things need to be remembered.

Bathe pets regularly 

One of the major reason why lots of hair fall down and smell is not bathing the pets regularly. The pets get dirtier quickly as their hair trap dust easily. Due to that their hair starts to fall. Beds and floor will be full of hair and pets make them dirty by rubbing themselves on pillows, bedcovers etc. When you will bath your pets on regular basis, their skin gets healthy and tends to lose less hair. The owner can also be convinced about bedroom cleanliness while pets rub themselves.

Keep handy all the cleaners and cleaning tools ready

The vacuum can suck a good amount of dirt and dust from the bedroom. It can also suck the hair fallen down on the floor. The only problem with the hair is that they can block the vacuum nozzle easily and you have to clean the vacuum also. But anyways cleaning can be done with other tools like mop and duster which should be kept in the place so that whenever some emergency like guests come to your bedroom cleaning can be done quickly without any embarrassment. Check our piece on eco DIY cleaners.

Keep the dust out of the room

It sounds impossible to keep the dirt out of your bedroom when you have a pet which can go anywhere.

  1. Place one good doormat at the door and place another near the bed.
  2. Make your dog learn to wait on the mat before entering the room.
  3. You can also wipe all the dust and dirt from the paws of the pet with a soft wet cloth or towel before they enter the room or before they jump on the bed.

It definitely sounds difficult and impossible, but believe it that many owners have done this and it can be done. If you get enough practice, you could even do it as a part-time job.

Keep all the things clean in the bedroom

You can only try to keep the room clean when you have pets. But the reality is Bedrooms will get dirty and messy. The only thing that is in your hand is keeping clean your bedroom every day, by putting in the extra effort. The bedcovers and pillow should be changed regularly. The curtains and other clothing covers should be washed twice a week. There is one thing that needs to be remembered is the effort to keep the Bedroom clean would need to be doubled and you should be happy to do that instead of getting irritated.

Make your pets learn some manners

The pets not only need care and love, but they also need to be strictly trained for some things such as keeping the carpet clean, especially cats. Learning is a hard task for the pets. Pets should be given training in the initial days of their homecoming. The owner clearly knows that cleaning would be a hard task after a pet comes at home. So that pet should be trained that they cannot cross the room until and unless pets do not stand over doormats and clean their paws. If you do not like a pet to jump on the bed then in initial days whenever your cutie pet tries to reach out to bed to sit clearly order them to not do so. The strict and clear voice makes the pet learn that something is not right with their behaviour.  


Pets are dear to everyone. They have the magical potential to suck in the negativity of the house and fill the entire environment with happiness and positivity. The only major problem with pets is keeping the house and especially as said above keeping the Bedroom clean. Now it is the duty of the owner to train their pets towards keeping the place clean and there should be an extra effort from the side of people to keep the Bedroom neat. All the above tips should be followed if you want to keep the Bedroom neat and clean. Hair fall should be reduced and pets should learn some manners regarding cleanliness like not peeing into the home and eating food in the balcony or some other place of the house.

All the cleaning tools should be kept near and some special cleaning tools especially manufactured for pet care need to be bought. Give some special living place to your pet so that Bedroom can be kept clean. It can also be done that pet can be made to learn to enjoy their majority of the day in some other corner of the house. These were some tips for cleaning your Bedroom but you need to observe the behaviour of your pet and then decide about the type of training they need.

This post was written in the company of Willie Mays. A housewife, good mother, pet lover and a blogger. Auxier is her dog and Mimo is the name of her cat. She loves them very much. She has an aim to help other pet owners by sharing her experiences with her pets and that’s why she wrote about best anti itch shampoo for dogs in her blog.


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