What Is in Your Trash Bin?

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Do you have an idea how much waste UK throws out every year? The number is 330 million tonnes. A number which sounds awful when we imagine the picture of all this garbage pouring out in the ocean for example.

A quarter of this garbage, which is approximately 110 millions tonnes of junk, comes from the households and the business offices. That’s the officials plan to charge the people who do not recycle their waste properly.

Are you curious to learn what is the junk in a regular trash bin? Well, the researchers found out that the waste in an average bin consists mainly of kitchen scrape. There is less space occupied by plastics and the paper is on the third place.

The question we all would ask is: why people do not recycle all these items? Now let’s look at the recycling bin. We realize that the biggest part of an average recycling bin is occupied by compost and it is even more than the kitchen junk in the trash bin. The second thing people recycle the most is paper. A curious fact is that the last things people put in the recycle bin are plastics and cans, which are actually the hardest things to decompose in the nature.

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