A Sponge-Eating Woman: I Have Eaten 4000 Cleaning Sponges

do you care for a sponge

A British woman admitted to having eaten 4000 cleaning sponges. Kerry Trebilcock, interviewed by the Sun, says that she has even gobbled not only sponges but also soap bars. She suffers from a rare disorder called pica. She swallows strange objects that are not actually edible, and she craves for cleaning supplies. Is Spongebob in danger? Hopefully not, but if he were a real cleaning sponge…definitely.

Kerry Trebilcock from Cornwall is 21 and works as a dental nurse. She is a victim of the pica disorder and taking a shower or washing the dishes makes her really hungry for soap and sponges. Kerry confesses that she enjoys adding some extra flavour to her cleaning bites, one of her favourites is mustard. And she occasionally has a cup of tea with some sponge dips.

Kerry revealed how all that happened. After having a huge dinner of mouthwatering double lasagna and some ice cream, she couldn’t satisfy her hunger. As she felt that she needed to distract herself, she decided to do something in order to combat hunger. Washing the dishes didn’t help as she took out a new sponge from the package and eagerly chewed it. And to her greatest surprise, she wasn’t hungry any more.

She eats only organic fruit-flavoured soap, but after all, soap is made of oil, glycerine and natural aromas. Sponges are even harder to digest, containing plastic polymers and fibers.

Pica is actually the result of hookwarm infection she caught in Morocco which is affecting her smaller intestines.

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